HelpDesk OSP, for Outlook and SharePoint  v.2 1

HelpDesk OSP connects Outlook and SharePoint or Office Live and takes advantage of the best of the Microsoft products. This help desk application from Business Solutions can be used for many kinds of issue tracking and user support.

HarePoint HelpDesk for SharePoint  v.

HarePoint HelpDesk for SharePoint is the solution to build a helpdesk system on MS SharePoint sites. The helpdesk is designed especially for SharePoint and it is ready-to-use right out-of-the-box. The product provides all required customization.



LandPark Helpdesk helps you achieve optimal technical support.

Jitbit HelpDesk  v.5.4.4

Jitbit Help-Desk - customer support and knowledge-base software based on ASP.NET. Jitbit HelpDesk is a web based help desk support software ("trouble ticket software" or "issue tracking software"). Easy to install, accessible from anywhere via Web.

QK HelpDesk  v.

QK HelpDesk is like having a personal technician inside your computer. It is easy to install and is very helpful for you. You can find answers whenever you have problems with your PC, e-mail, browser, hardware, printer etc.

HelpDesk for Outlook and SharePoint  v.2.1.414

Tickets are created from e-mails and show up as list items in SharePoint. SharePoint/Office Live is an environment that Microsoft is favoring strongly. This makes HelpDesk OSP safe for the future, and users get a lot of features and possibilities.

Templates for the Fashion Helpdesk  v.1.00

Test Microsoft's Outlook as great helpdesk for customer queries directed at Fashion- + cloth-companies. The Plugin helps you with administration of the Fashion-text modules for the helpdesk.

Templates for the Secretary Helpdesk  v.1.00

Test Oulook as Helpdesk for customer mails to Secretariat. You'll receive a specified structure with the usual questions that occur in customer mails Secretariat,

Templates for the Webshop Helpdesk  v.1.00

Try Microsoft Outlook as great helpdesk for customer queries to Online and also Internet shops. One receives a preset folder structure with the typical subjects which occur in customer queries Online and also Internet shops,

Personal Helpdesk for Outlook  v.4 3

An automated issue tracking and ticketing system for one person helpdesk, Personal Helpdesk provides you with all the necessary tools to log, collaborate, analyze and assist in the resolution of helpdesk issues right in your Outlook.

IKode Helpdesk X  v.3 2

iKode Helpdesk X is a free and easy to use help desk software and email management software that will help you to ensure unmatched customer support and assistance for your clients.

Templates for the Hotel Helpdesk  v.1.00

Use MS-Outlook as Helpdesk solution for customer mails to Hotel and also B-and-B. You'll get a preset folder structure with the most common headlines which turn up in customer mails Hotel and also B-and-B,

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